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Bridget Freeman Wamsley, Spokane, WA

Bridget was born and raised in Spokane. This city and her life experience are at the root of her art. Now that her art has been exhibited internationally, she still calls Spokane home. She raised her 3 daughters here, and will always support the arts in her hometown. 

Her work is autobiographical. She has an interest in life experience, and how it shapes perspective. In the context of a feminine lens, life intersects with her art. Her social practice pieces, objects, and installations encompass memory, identity, and narrative. The concepts and processes she uses transform everyday ideas and materials into discourse-producing artworks.

In her work, context is everything. Relationships are explored, changed, and reformed. In this Post-Feminist world, many themes of women's roles in society abound. Her multi-media pieces and performances illustrate past, present, and future feminine experiences.

Her work has been shown at Le Grande Palais in Paris and also projected onto a New York Skyscraper.

She can be contacted through her website at:

Works in the gallery are for sale with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Interplayers Theatre.  The gallery is open during box office hours.